Friday, May 8, 2009

Cleaning frenzy!

I thought I'd be soooo bummed if I didn't do more quilting/sewing while on my 2-month layoff.
I'm not.
BECAUSE.... I've gotten all those things I said I 'should be finding time to do", done or I'm still working on. I never knew how much stuff I held onto until I started tossing. And I mean TOSSING! I have a box at the ready, at any given time, that has been carried off to our church for their annual May Fair. I'm only sad because today is the last day they'll take stuff (although the woman in charge has told me to 'keep going' and she'll take it). I just don't think I can do it to her. So I'm gonna either 'pitch it' or post it on Freecycle (a website to recycle things).
I am reorganizing files in my file cabinet and THROWING THINGS AWAY!!! (I need to show my husband this post...) AND I'm rearranging rooms that I didn't plan to. I always thought I needed an emergency visit from Peter Walsh (Oprah's de-clutter man). I think I can do this myself....Well, I have to go. See you on the clean side.... (Just think if I'd posted before and after pictures! Maybe I will.....but I'll put them in a post called Before and after). I just have to remember that it gets worse before it can get better( due to the sorting process).

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