Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May mtg

This is one of the quilts that came back done... thanks MaryEllen! I looks GREAT! "Framed Butterlies" is what I want to call it...

This is one of the quilts that will get put together... (the center strings are all black, but the four in the middle, were made with points)... we are gonna add a few more blocks on the top and bottom. Enid made the centers and will finish the second set. Hopefully, we'll have a few more HS blocks to complete the next top. I'm feeling the name coming is "Star Light, Star Bright".

Mary Ellen, Pat and "C" straightening out the backing for the "Blue-min' heart" quilt, while Dot, Enid and Anna ready some foundation blocks.

"Cranberry Crush" needs a backing and already has a striped binding. We got it put together, but the batting needs adjusting.
like lasagna??

This is the lasagna quilt that Margaret has been working on(Lasagna 1).... Didn't get to finish it, but I may take it home and finish the quilting (SITD). We made a Lasagna, Jr. and decided to play with the borders...(?) or not...(?)

By the end of the night, we decided on a narrow black border, then found some 'aAfrican huts' material (I know, it doesn't have ANYTHING to do with lasagna), to finish the outer border. Will look great!

This little "Peek-a-Boo Animals" premmie quilt was made from test blocks (we'd never done this block before). We found it has to be REALLY exact on the sewing or you get the waves (whidch we did). It irons out okay, but not sure I'd make this one again.


roberta said...

dear nancy, send me an e mail and i will send your way all the infos about the Thousand colors project, greetings, Roberta from Italy

roberta said...

hi, nancy, i enjoyed your blog,how is a lasagna quilt made ? being italian and making a lot of lasagna, i am interested in making one!
The quilts you are sending to a Thousand colors are beautiful!
Love and stitches