Thursday, May 7, 2009

Graduation Day!

Today my youngest daughter graduates from the Center of Culinary Arts at Lincoln Tech in Cromwell. She will be presented with her Chef hat. This is a big thing for her, since she struggled in high school (it was disclosed three days before graduation, that she WOULD graduate-- does that say "struggle"?). After having a baby a few years later (he's 3 now) and choosing to go back to school on her own, she HAS DONE IT!!!
Getting an Honors Award... how proud does she look??!!
Julie, Lee and I ... VERY proud parents
This is a nice 4-generation photo of Julie's dad, her son, Julie and my mom (Gramma Smiff-pronounced by Malakai...LOL-really Smith).
Congratulations, Julie, .. I'm VERY proud of you!

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