Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day....Happy?

I should learn not to be opinionated... but that's me. I love spending time with my grandson, Kai, and we always have a blast, but I wish my daughter would play more with him. I don't think I do it because she DOESN'T have energy or time (she works at 4:30am ...and wants to crash WAY earlier than HE does). I really enjoy my grandkids. But once I 'play' (outside or inside), I end up feeling resentment that SHE doesn't do the fun things with him that I do, and I don't get other stuff done for myself!
I love her, but I want her to 'be the mom', not me. And I know it's hard living in the same house... if I don't see her doing something (meals, play, diaper, etc), I tend to do it myself (I think that makes me an enabler- Dammmmm!). I voice my opinion for her to 'do her job and BE A MOM!", and it invariably gets a tad heated. She really needs to start saving money and get her own place (but that doesn't mean I won't worry that she'll never do anything different).
Somehow that put a damper on this Mother's day, as she needed to take the little one with her and drive off to 'cool off' before she said something she'd regret. Oh poop!

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