Monday, December 28, 2009

Busy Holidays, as usual...Christmas eve

Well, this year was a little crazier than normal. You see, MY side of the family does this "Christmas Eve' rotational thing. After the death of my dad in 1993, my sister and I thought it would be nice if the four children rotated who does the Hosting of Christmas Eve. At this point, my youngest brother is OUT of the rotation due to his wife being a teacher and they go to Brazil to see her family when she is on the week off from school.

My sister Janet, had it at her house.... appetizers, and desserts and games and lots of fun! Here my oldest daughter, Leslie-Anne with her uncle Tom. She came from MA to visit us. She's to be a lawyer, so I think the talking with her hands will suit her.

My niece, Jenny and my brother, Bill, and step-son, Josh. My sister-in-law, Karen is checking out a new drink my sister was concocting.
Of course, then the little cousins get together and while he could, Malakai tried to hoist Zachary up to check out the tree and the outside lights.
Isn't this fun???
Not sure if they were looking at the lights at the neighbors house, or looking for Santa...
Daughter Julie had her (fiancee) Rich up from Tampa, FL for the long weekend.
Here is the other daughter and her fiancee Scott. And here is third daughter, Amber (Lee's) and her family, hubby Jason and cute little Zachary. She is looking really good!
What IS Malakai doing to Zack???!!!!!
Here is my mom and her friend Amby, with my sister Janet. The hostess with the mostess... Niece Kathy's beau, Adam and Janet's hubby, Tom is in the background.
Nephew Nick and his friend, (I don't remember her name,,... OMG!), and mom and Amby enjoying the games.
Competition was fierce in the games, but a fun time was had by all....
I had to go home with little one (we were babysitting Malakai), Lee had to acolyte at the evening church service and I still had wrapping to do...! LOTS!!

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