Friday, December 4, 2009

Quilting again!!

This photo is our initial design... I must say when I was asked to do a SECOND moose quilt (search for 'moose quilt' for my other postings with the original Moose Goose quilt), I knew I wouldn't make it as grandios as the last one ( it took too long and it was very difficult creatively). And besides, the first one was for a 15yr old girl, this one being for a boy. However, I wanted to put some thought into it and work with some moose fabric I had.
This week I got a chance to put the finished top together and took it out to my mom's house (she has a large table) and convinced her that she could help me tie this quilt (she's 81). It's going to a 10 yr old with lung cancer and he likes moose. So here is the almost finished quilt.
I just have to fold the binding over to the back side and hand stitch. I hope to post a photo of the back (ALL MOOSE!). If I try this right, I might be able to bring this with me to work on during a vestry event for our church. Then I can get it Blessed at the church service on Sunday and mail out by next week.


Trish said...

You did a great job! I am sure he will just love this quilt. I think getting it blessed before you send it off would be wonderful. I never would have thought about that. Glad you are quilting again :) feels good!!?!

Nancy Eaton said...

All the quilts that our church group gets done are Blessed the Sunday after they are finished.(sometimes almost finished- but will be gone before the next Sunday).