Monday, December 28, 2009

Scott's party 2009

This is always fun, since we get to see my in-laws from FL. Scott is Lee's oldest and he usually has it BEFORE the holiday, but this year my MIL wasn't coming up until the Monday before Christmas, so we were left with the Christmas weekend to see her. I got to see all my grandchildren which is always wonderful!

I think the pom-poms were a hit! I loved making the pillowcases for their 'wrapping paper'.

The food is always great! and my MIL is still able to get around at the age of 82 (she's in the red sweater), but she even admits to moving much slower than ever- hip problems...

There is the annual (tradition) Jenga challenge... I've never sure who wins, but boy, do you know when it's close to getting ready to topple over!! AND who's turn it is at that stage!

This is the newest addition to the family. Paula and Kyle's son, Evan Osga.

The boys are loving the trucks, even if they are pink and Barbie's! Who CARES??!! They're TRUCKS!
Here is Papa at the Christmas grabbag... with the 'elf'' helping .... well, actually she looks as though she doesn't know what Papa's doing with the wine. (I don't think he did either- it's not what he would drink).
It's always nice to have a photo of Lee and his only remaining brother, Bruce. AND the fact that this is the only time I'll have a photo of Lee with his face shaven clean! (He did this Thanksgiving weekend and 'surprised me' with something no one had seen in 25 yrs!-- A clean face). He get a rash so he'll probably let the short beard grow back.  

Here is a nice photo of four generations...

This is always the traditional family photo...except that we all aren't in it....(minus Malakai, Kayla)

Now I think we even have a few that AREN:T really related, but who cares.... It's all family. (And this is the year, that a family walked in the back door and realized they were in the wrong house...!)

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