Friday, January 7, 2011

Fabrics and organizing= relieve stress

If you don't think so, go organize your sewing room (actually, I organized the church group's sewing closets. BUT STILL!!...) and see how light you feel!! Don't these look great???!! Wish I'd taken a 'before' photo, but I really didn't think I'd do what I did. And this doesn't even show you the cupboards with our sewing machines in them.

I actually went there to get some strings to send to a lady in CA (on Heartstrings yahoo group) and just decided to make sure our records on what UFOs we have there are accurate. What I didn't realize was that I'd have so much sense of accomplishment by sorting through what we will be working on at our Feb event, what tops are done (and which need backings/bindings), and what quilts are in lesser stages (needs borders, sashing finished, blocks put together, etc).
AND, I found our record books that I'd thought I'd lost!!! They were tucked in the cupboards with the sewing machines, not the fabrics. Now I can get them organized, too!! (Oh, this is TOO much!)

I cut battings and matched them up to the quilts ready to be tied. I also, figured out that when these (many) quilts are finished, we have some great projects to 'start'. And I don't want to think of starting them until we are pretty cleared up with the UFOs.

There were a few backings that I have taken home to play with and make wider. Two quilts needed a border, so I took material to match and bought some at the quilt store.
Lo and behold, I found my monster fabric that I'd thought I'd bought, but couldn't find in my sewing room at all!! It was bought at Marden's in Sanford ME and I'd given that to the church and kept the dinosaurs. Well, gang, today I switched them. The monster fabric is going for my 6th grandchild!! (That's the theme).

 This is one I'd forgotten we'd had.... Creamy Rust is how I describe this one.
 And this on, C brought back. She didn't get a chance to make the backing for it, but we'll put it aside until another time. We have many more needing to be done first.
So I came home with my HUGE box of strings for Sarah, monster fabric and a few things to keep me out of trouble.

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