Monday, January 17, 2011

Ice dams vs sewing.... hmmm. (wish I could take the sewing)

Well, I've been outside for all of 15 mins, at 15 degrees, and chipping ice off the house is not the way I thought I'd be spending my day off (MLK). The gutters are FULL and overflowing with ice, so I'm praying that the amount of ice I chipped off the windows (sorry, honey, I'm sure I damaged a little of the window trim-too bad), is enough to prevent the water from coming in, but I'm sure it will anyway.

We're expecting a lot of sleet, freezing rain, ice tomorrow. I don't plan on going to work if that is the case. I'm waiting to see if they (work) call me, that way I won't lose the paid holiday today. I gotta say, I never felt such pain in my fingers (yes, I had gloves on) when I came in.... had to run them under warm water to get any kind of feeling in them. It's bad when you don't even feel the water at all when you're pouring it over your hands!! The tips are still red, but I have a little feeling in them now.

"Where is the hubby helping?" you ask...

He's starting his first day of a new job (Bolton Motors). Thank you, God! He gave his notice at the last place in the beginning of the year and didn't have a job to go to. Within a week, he had a job. Good thing to be a Master "A" auto technician. You are pretty much valued whereever you go! Who says you need a college degree? He even is bringing his lunch... not sure if a lunch truck comes to this place. He's so used to big dealerships, and this place has all of 5 bays (one of which is emissions). I SO hope he's happy here. (Last job had a very verbally abusive boss!)

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