Saturday, January 22, 2011

Snow cancels non-stop quiting!

Normally, snow wouldn't bother me. Well, okay, maybe it DOES bother me, but not in the way you think. Sure there is the shoveling, and the ...shoveling, and the ice chipping, and the ...shoveling. Ok, I am starting to be annoyed by it. I think the only consullation is that I might get a day off from work. (I haven't figured out how to use it to my advantage when the grandchild is also home from school. He is constantly at my side- because I'm the 'fun' gramma. I gurss  should enjoy these years while he still wants to spend time with his gramma).

Anyway, back to where we were.... I hate the snow for this reason. A local quilt shop has a thing called "Midnight Quilters" where you pay an amount to use their back room to sew from 6pm-midnight. You pay $20 and get fed and get to sew on any projects you want. And visit with others who are there for the same reason. AND if you need fabric for completing anything (this is for the UFO's you brought to work on-- or NEW projects for the future), the shop is available to buy what you need. I tend to get a second wind about 10pm.... then I'm sad when the clock is close to striking 12.

However, due to the latest snow storm- which dumped 4-6 inches more, they postponed it until next Friday. I would have had no problem getting there and sewing, but I'm not sure how their staff is at getting to work. (At this time, the snow banks are up to my shoulders and more snow is expected on Tuesday and Wed. on next week--- Yikes!!)

Guess I'll have to hibernate in my sewing room and hope my 'cutie' can stay occupied OUTSIDE of the door for a while.

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