Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I urge anyone who takes a regular medication,... high cholestrol, high blood pressure, diabetes, whatever it is, to call a few pharmacies for prices. Here's my latest episode.

My husband (who is the health care provider in the house) started a new job last week and isn't able to go on their insurance plan until 90 days are up. Typical. Not a complaint, just saying. I have only one medication that I take on a regular basis, he... many. Since his last day at his old job was on the 15th, I was lucky enough to be able to refill my prescription on the 14th for a month's worth of pills. He was able to get his at a 3 month supply (mail) right before it stopped. He is all set, but I, however, will need to figure out how to get two more month's supply to me. I had a doctor's appt a week after he left his job, and I explained my situation to the dr. and asked what I should do for the last two months. He said he'd write me a 3 month perscription, ... then he said," Call around. You should be able to get this for as little as $4-$6 for a 30 day supply." ....really?!..... I've never 'called around' before. I always have the same small family run pharmacy fill all my prescriptions, since I like them to know all the meds I'm taking at any given time.

So, today, at work, I decided to 'call around'.  Here's what I discovered.

30-day supply of simvastatin, 40mg

CVS, $66.99
Westown Pharmacy (my regular one), $30
Rite-Aid, $10.99
Shop-Rite (my favorite grocery store-best music ever!!), $11.99
Wal-Mart, $18.46
Sam's Club, priceless...

The winner is... Sam's at $5.78, but wait!... get the 90-day supply since it's $10.09!!!
How do you beat that?!!
 Guess where I went on the way home from work?.... oh, yeah.

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Trish said...

WOW, I never thought of calling around to compare drug prices either!! And what a difference in them! Good advice from the dr. lol and good that you took it!! hee hee hee Glad to see you survived the winter. Loved seeing the pictures. Hope you are thawing out and the damage to the house wasn't too bad.