Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow AGAIN!!!

I'm starting to get tired of it. I went to bed last night around 10:30pm and there was a light dusting on the driveway... Nothing much. No big deal.

I awake at 2 of 6AM to a phone call from my boss saying work is cancelled. I looked out and realized the 'noise' I was hearing was my hubby snowblowing another foot of snow! He had been out since 4:30 (or did he say 5:30am?), clearing the driveway. I went out at 6:15am and started helping him, since he was determined to make it to work today. It's getting so we have no where to put it!! It's got to be thrown over my head now.

Off he went, and 5 hrs later, I cleared the majority of our front sidewalk and the walk to the front door. I also, cleared a lot of snow off the metal awning over the front door, cleared the snow off the flexible awning over the front windows and as many icicles as I could reach. I also, got snow off the back door's overhang. Boy, was there a lot of snow on that!

Now I'm ready for a nap. Only to get ready for another storm on Sat and again on Monday or Tuesday. I'm staying up the watch the weather tonight. The windows have already started leaking into the livingroom and dining room from between the molding (above the windows).

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