Sunday, February 10, 2008

Back to sewing!!

The last two days have been a little scary, since I installed a 'passport' on my computer to 'back up everything', however, I stopped it at a halfway point and started deleting things off it. And I don't understand it fully. I couldn't start up my computer this morning with the passport plugged in, so I guess I have to have my DSS come an take a look at it.
That means I needed to go sew for a while (de-stress). I'm working on hearstring blocks that the Peace by Piece quilters (my church group) have been making for a while,... the ones that turned into orphan blocks, because they were cut short, or were odd ones and we didn't send them to as single blocks. I've been saving them in a box not sure how to make them 'blend' in to the same quilt. So I browsed the heartstring site and Bonnie Hunter's and decided to make half string blocks
and 'quarter string' blocks with some purple fabric I had in my stash (I know, it looks blue, but it IS deep purple).Since the blocks were mostly trimmed to 9.5", I cut as many 9.5" purple squares as I could get out of the fabric (Stashbusters would be proud!), then found a lighter shade of purple in the same design-can you tell I like purple?- and ended up with a few odd 9" ends left. I just kept making them and making them untiI realized maybe I should leave some in stages, since I'm teaching my LQ Chapter how to make heartstring blocks on Tues. I also took two of the blocks and made 'quarter heartstring blocks to show them some variety. I ended using the 9" blocks, since I trimmed everybody down to 8.5" blocks.
After I got them done, I played on the design wall..... I think this has a pattern to it (?)...
I wasn't sure what to do with the quarter strings, thinking I only had this left,
then I realized I had two other blocks -my 'in stages' examples (which will make 4 half blocks when cut) so I may add them to this quilt. Once the examples are together I can trim them at the bottom to make hem match the smaller size of the corners.

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