Monday, February 25, 2008

Workshop a BUST!

Tonight I went to a workshop to teach heartstring blocks to my local quilting chapter's members,hoping to get a few blocks for charity quilts (they cost of taking the workshop was donating one of the blocks we learn how to make). Thankfully, we had good weather this time. I was at the last meeting that didn't happen (although didn't get the cancellation message until I sat for 30 mins in the parking lot- my fault, I had my cell phone off and went right from work to dr.'s appt then to mtg) and while I was disappointed that it got cancelled, I understood why(snow/ice storm coming). Unfortunately, we had to switch it to another night that may or may not be good for our members, but I did try to coordinate another workshop at a different venue. I'm not sure why no one (that's right, no one) showed up,but Janet G. ...but, we had a blast!! She got her 24 heartstring blocks trimmed and put together, and I got some 'split' strings put together for a (Project Linus Quilt-a-thon) baby quilt,... with borders done, at least to a top stage. Anyway, I'm very disappointed, and not sure why NO ONE was there. I did get an email from one person who was nice enough to let me know she couldn't make it, but had a block for me. Thank you. I hope to get it from her at our guild's Sharing dayin March. I started to think it's the change of venue, because I've had two other charity workshops at my church in the next town and had 4 people at one of them and 3 at another, however, I remember our former chapter president organizing a few charity workshops at our normal mtg place and no one seemed to show up at those either. Don't we have over 45-50 members? I don't get it. I'm not sure, but it's very discouraging when you'd like to teach something different and new in quilting (isn't that what our guild's purpose is??) and no one is receptive at all. We have had a few workshops at our normal mtg place that people stayed to do, however, I felt that we only got the project half-way done and everyone was packing up to leave! What ,... to finish this at home??? Well, another UFO in the pile... I don't understand it. All I know is, I think I'm better off joining our quilting guild in June as an Independent and go to chapter meetings that are doing more of the type of projects that I want to work on, ... those that benefit someone. I've developed a few nice friendships there, so in that regard, I'm Blessed. (Can you be Blessed and disgusted at the same time?... WELL, I am!) Tomorrow I take the day off from work and go to our church from 9am-2pm and make quilts for Project Linus. (I'll take a picture of the baby quilt I finished at this workshop, along with all the other quilts that get done. (this is my project on the design wall, but it came up very different when finished).Every year they do over 100)!! Can't wait!!

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