Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Early morning Exercise

My original plan was to get up and sneak some minutes of sewing in, go vote in the primary, then off to work.... but noooo-oooo-ooo. So, instead, this was my morning workout... Woke up - suddenly-- at 4:45am (now I don't have to go to work until 8:30, mind you) to the lovely sound of wood chips falling to the floor (...cats definitely need a scratching post - or death) as Tigger sharpened his claws one more time on the corner of our wall upstairs (right outside our bedroom). One HEALTHY jump out of bed (gets the blood started), scoop up a sweater (fell on the floor , off from my bed, during the night)- counts as a bend from the waist, doesn't it?--, sprint down the stairs as quietly as possible, sweater in hand (doesn't that count as weight lifting?),-- realize I can't REALLY get the cat, as he's raced down into the cellar (cellar door is open, as their kitty litter box is down there)-- okay, time out to take pulse (and 'tinkle'), --after coming out, I see 'said' kitty walking to his food dish ("Don't you WISH!!"), -- do a very wimpy throw of sweater at cat in dark kitchen (of course he scampers back to the cellar!)... and I procede to end 'said' exercise routine in leiu of my pillow. However, you realize I am fully awake, now, blood pumping... so end up out of bed at 5:30am after tossing and turning...and this time, I feed the one who was good, Squeak, and just tossed a few crumblets into the food dish of the culprit ("Dream on, kitty..."). Okay, so I'll feed him eventually, before I leave for work... see? After all, I don't want to come home to a pile of sawdust! Exercise over.(Whew!) ... and to think, I used to like my kitties! (Wonder how many lives they have left?....)

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