Saturday, February 16, 2008

Progress on the Fish quilt

I had a great discussion with my DIL Diana regarding a baby shower (when, who was giving it) for my step-daughter, Amber and realized that I needed to put some time into the baby quilt I'm making for her. (See I always tend to do this thing called 'wait until the last possible moment to move on a project'-- was still sewing my prom dress the night before the prom, was still sewing my bridesmaid dresses the night before I got married, etc)
Well, I'm getting better with age.... Here I have some pictures of Amber's quilt in progress.
The fabrics,
the fish fabrics cut into '4-patch' blocks, making fins,
cutting the 4-patch apart and inserting the 'fins'
...Well, I've decided to short-cut it, by sewing the 'fins' to the complete block with an eighth inch seam, instead of cutting it into quarters, first.
Then I fold it in half and sew my 1/4" seam
Cut the thick fold just to cut the bulk,
then fold it the other way and sew my 1/4" seam, unfold and Voila!
Okay, it is a bit thick with the 'fold' there, so I may slip my tiny scissors in to split the fold in half. Now it will look as if I never folded and sewed, rather cut and sewed. It looks like the fish are 'hiding' under their fins.
I have them all tagged (row and block numbers), so when I get the seams all split, I'll start putting the rows together. I have lots of leftover 'fins', so I'll eventually put them as prairie points in the border. Stashbusters has taught me a thing or two!


Yvonne said...

Hi, I am enjoying your quilting blog. When I was kid I spent the summers in Southcentral Va in the sticks. My elderly aunt used to quilt a lot for neighbors and relatives and so, as a NY kid, I wasn't really impressed. Now that I am mid-aged and she has Alzheimer's, I know I can quilt because I helped her so very much cutting squares and such but I never put my hand or mind to it!

When I lived in NYC, a huge tobacco company had their corporate headquarters there and believe it or not in the elevator corridors, were framed quilts that where very pricey.

Anyway, I will follow your blog, it looks like I can learn something from you! You are to be admired to take the time to teach strangers the art of quilting!

Happy quilting!

NancyE10 said...

Thanks Yvonne for your kind words... Just hope I get it done before I need to! (grin)

Ingrid said...

Hi Nancy love your fish tails, I must admit Im a bit of a fabric folder and fiddler myself. It can give traditional patchwork such a modern twist, it has worked really well with your fish. Love it