Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Project Linus Quilt-a-thon

Well, this was a productive day!! I took the day off (as I do every year) to go 'play' with 'Linus'... Project Linus, that is.
Our church, St Mary's Episcopal, sponsors a Quilt-a-thon every year and our quilts have gone to various charities. We usually go from 9am-2pm or 3pm and bring a lunch. Various groups work on quilts on their own and donate them on 'our day' to add to the pile. This photo is what we had done by 11am.
Some ladies only crochet and we were lucky enough to get 29 crocheted blankets that we bagged. We didn't want to 'hang' them and stretch them out.
This year we had 14 women 'sign in' although I think there were a couple who forgot to sign in that came to help.
Some cut batting and backings, some ladies tied them, some of us sewed them envelope style (remember, we're doing production mode along with doing the job well), and some pieced some tops to add to the donation pile.
Don't I look busy at my machine?
My quilting group at the church, Peace by Piece Quilters
http://home-and-garden.webshots.com/album/560673651AYbwPF collected our 'orphan blocks' that we made into 2 tops for our donation. I made them into halfstring quilts and added borders to make them big enough for baby sized quilts.
This one I did at our 'bust' of a workshop (see the post from yesterday). It's different, but I like it!
I've been involved with this project for only the past 4 years or so, but I plan to be there as long as these two ladies keep it going. This photo is of the organizers.
Thank you, Jean and Jane!!
I have become the 'official hanger' (I think because no one else is NUTS enough to climb the ladder!) and hung as many as I could. The total....? including the afghans, 107. !! It's not a record, but we always consider it a success if it tops 100! Here's just a few of them....

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Mary said...

Nancy, how great! I didn't participate in a Sew-in for Project Linus but I also managed to donate quilts to them this month.

I've got two of your HeartStrings quilts done and plan on doing one more before shipping the first set back. We're going to be moving in a few weeks so the other ones may take a little longer.