Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Workshop cancelled

I had planned to teach a workshop on Heartstring quilt blocks at my local guild, but the 'chance' of snow/ice made them cancel it. Of course, I was on my way from work to a dr. appt. , then grab a fast food burger (Yuck), eat it in the parking lot of our chapter mtg, and be ready to teach at 5:30pm when the Pres. got there. I'd loaded my car in the morning before work, so I was ready!! After sitting in my car for 30 mins, reading, eating, etc.... I checked the clock in my car. 5:33pm!! and the parking lot is empty!! Where is everyone??? I called the Pres and she said I'd get the message when I got home. It was cancelled. ... oh...darn. It's put off for a week. When I DO get to do the workshop, I'll post some pictures.

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Mary said...

Don't you hate that!! I recently showed up for a massage appointment only to be told that they'd left a message on my home phone it was canceled - I was VERY disappointed!

I'll be watching for photos for the re-scheduled workshop!