Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lost checkbook!

I thought my day was gonna be stressed... hubby not joining me at church and I was taking "Mr Active" (my 3 yr old grandson I was babysitting) with me. I was meeting a lady there to see some quilt blocks she made, so I headed out around 9:20am (church starts at 10am) with two large totes (to show my mom some quilting things) and the tote with Kai's stuff in it, and my purse and my checkbook (with various bills/receipts hanging out of it). Oh, and I did have a hold of my grandson's hand! Can we say "loaded down' here?
Ok, so I put down my two bags, and his bag and put my checkbook on the trunk of the car so I can undo the back door of my car. I get him strapped into it, put two of the three bags in the back, close the back door, open the front door, toss the third bag on the passenger seat with my purse and jump in.
I get to church and grab two of the three bags, my purse, and my grandson and head to the nursery area of the church. Now, no one is there yet (to do babysitting), so I wait and realize my check book must be in the car (didn't I stuff it in one of the bags with my quilted stuff?? Nope...) Okay, I meet the lady who is two doors down ( and doesn't get the idea that MAYBE we could talk near the nursery, vs. me running down the hall, around the corner, and back again to see what she needs me to see, AND keep an eye on my grandson... Whew! Okay, I finish with this lady (and we can't find the box in the other room that we thought was there), run back to the nursery (yea, the babysitter was there!)... oh, forget the checkbook, I'll write a check and drop it off tomorrow (my vacation day from work). I left aq message for my hubby to see if the checkbook is on the counter, since I didn't find it when I got in the car. Hmm.... where did I put it?When I got home, I tore EVERYTHING apart... looked in the frig (hey, you never know), both bags I brought, Kai's bag, my purse was spared since it's too small for this checkbook, the car, drove BACK to church and scoured the route I took...NOTHING! I didn't realize that I'd left it on the trunk of my car at this point... I sat down and cried at the bottom of the cellar stairs, wondering what I had to cancel in this checkbook (remember, I said there were various papers/receipts/bills, etc...?).
Lee took a walk and came back with two church envelopes, one which had been run over already... NOW was when I slightly remember where I put it. Damn! I must be getting Alzheimer's or I just have WAY too much on my mind. I finally decided to take a walk around the block to see if any other 'stray' papers are on the road. nothing... when i walk in the door, my hubby said some lady dropped it off after church (she saw it on her way to church and knew JUST what it was!)Nothing looked missing.. thank God!

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