Thursday, August 20, 2009

Off to VT!

I have today off and since I didn't plan on needing the WHOLE day off, I figure I'll cook a roasted chicken for my daughter and my husband, do some laundry, pack and go. It's a beautiful day, but I know the thunderclouds are coming (probably won't see Hurrican Bill's winds and rain until Sunday when we're packing to leave VT!).
Got the moose quilt scalloped earlier this week( just the geese-red- are scalloped), so I'm taking the Moose Goose quilt with me to pin-baste, and I may get to sew the remaining machine stitiching into Father Chip's quilt (then I can have the girls do the ties at the next PbPQ mtg (Sept 1st). It's been requested by someone who has seen my Moose quilt to make another moose quilt only with different colors. We'll see how much we can do in a short time. Maybe I'll have to email the group and have them start working on blocks.

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