Sunday, August 16, 2009

Painting is done!- bedroom anyway.

Here is the first stage of the bedroom renovations. I wish I had taken a photo of the ugly paneling that covered the 'pitch' on the ceiling, and along the walls (notice that's still there). It also was on each end of the room, where we enter and the windowed wall.
In this photo, they took off the paneling and put up drywall. It's now finally ready to paint (three coats later of spackle).
Sneak peak at the color...
I've now got primer (gray) on the pitched ceilings and the entrance wall. Somehow I thought it would look 'cottage-y'. Not sure that it does, but I hated the darkness of the room with all that paneling!
The green is creeping in... (anyone who knows me is probably wondering "What is she doing with GREEN in that room?"- I'm not fond of green)
These photos make the room look really grass green, but it's more 'sage' than that. They still have to add the 'molding back at the ceiling part (but I'm gonna have them leave the ones I'd like to make green. The only ones I want them to add back as wood molding are the ones that were at the top of the 'wall' pieces. I would have done them already, but with my luck I'll paint the wrong ones!
It certainly did warm up the room! We'll see how it is to sleep in it and wake up.... Now I just have to make curtains for it. or maybe I'll buy them. I'll see how much money I have left.

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Trish said...

This looks great! I am surprised at the green, but I can visualize a more sage green. I am glad you were able to get rid of the paneling, I wish I could get rid of mine. But I weigh the options, get rid of paneling or stay married!