Sunday, August 16, 2009

VVV in 4 days!!

At noon time on Thursday, I'll be leaving work to head up to VT. Look at the photo at the top of this blog... that's it! These above are the views off the deck in the back...Vermont Venison Villa (VVV). It's owned by family (2nd cousins), and we've been going there since I was little!! Our family usually goes up the 3rd week in Aug. and since my dad died, my mom will only continue this vacation up there if someone comes up at the beginning and the end of her week to help open and close the cabin. My sis goes up with a bunch of people (family and friends) and I go up with my hubby and/or my grandson (if I have to babysit him over that weekend).
This year I'm going with g-son, Kai. My younger brother and his family may some up overnight, but not sure. There will be room for us all, but you have to realize this is a one room cabin! ONE ROOM! two sets of bunkbeds and 4 cots on the screened in porch (in the back).
Where I'm standing to take the photos is in the doorway of the sliding doors to the deck.Sorry the photos aren't great! I'll take some good ones this weekend.

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