Thursday, August 27, 2009

Quilting tomorrow, but 2 days until race day!

I hope to work on KL's quilt (Moose Goose) tomorrow as I have it off (last vacation day off before our busy season- Sept -Dec). I hope to get it sandwiched and pinned... then take it to the next Peace by Piece Quilters mtg and have the girls put Prayer ties into it. I figure if we can get that done, then I can sew the binding on (it's already made and pressed) and see if my mom wants to hand sew it to the other side (she likes doing that). I also should see if I have a label for it, since we're making it for Charlotte's Garden. It's for a 15yr old girl with brain cancer.

In the meantime, I have to go to my son-in-law's to test my pinewood derby car... the race is on Sat. along with a pot luck supper!! (Hmmm.... what to make to eat?...). I'll post a picture of it.... (my car). I'm thinking of naming it "Sleeping Beauty", but my son-in-law calls it the "Boob Car" (I have clay breasts under that quilt).

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