Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fifth Place... out of 9

This is "Sleeping Beauty".... She didn't win, but she didn't 'lose with style'... not completely. (That was my plan- to Lose with Style!). It was set up in our church basement and Dave ran the computer that posted everyones times (and who was 'on deck'), etc.

Actually, I guess I didn't win, although I came in first on the last run (where my front wheel- that wasn't on the track- fell off at the end). Although I came in second in this photo above.

Here are a few of the cars that were entered. The winner of the Novice (that's our church group) was the yellow one on the far left of the first photo (#4).

The second place was the dark blue on the far right of this next photo

some more...

These below were some of the the 'pro cars' ( meaning 'fast')...

These were my dear hubby's... "I Dunno" came in with the fastest time, but another car sent in from TX won the fastest average time, out of 6 runs!

My step-son (who's autistic and has had his dad's old derby car -#4- for a couple of years), entered his 'toy' and WON! How about that!

HE was pretty happy and he ended up winning all kinds of tools, give-aways- although I'm not sure he knows WHAT he has. His dad will have to sit with him and see if he wants to build his own this time.

My co-worker and her hubby raced... she tied for first with the winner, Josh, but he beat her out with the tie-breaker runs. She's still happy she came away with a trophy. (The pre-race joke at work was, how big of a space did she have to clear off on the mantle for her trophy?)

We had a great pot luck supper, too ...

What I didn't tell too many people was that I had this great hamburg/rice/beans/corn/tomato casserole in a crockpot to bring over and it sat on my back seat (in the middle) just fine, all the way to the church. On the last turn to go into church, the left turn caused the crockpot to tip over (and I mean TIP OVER!!). All over my back seat! I pulled over real fast, stretched as far as I could to grab the crockpot by the edge, including the lid and yank it back, hoping that most of the concoction stayed in the pot. Well, let's just say half was left in there. I proceeded to scoop it up with my hands and plop it back in the pot (thankfully my seats are pretty clean, and I didn't get all the way to the upholstery with my scoops). But WHAT a MESS!!! I had melted cheese on the top,so that's what was on most of my seat. In the crease of the seat, too!!! YUCK!! I brought it in and snuck it into the kitchen, then cleaned up the pot and lid (so it looked presentable-- not bad, huh?). I had more cheese I had brought with me, so I could make it look pretty again. Whew!

and took a bucket of hot soapy water out to the car and cleaned the upholstery.... I did get 'caught' in the parking lot by someone who was coming to the event, but thankfully they laughed about it and said it would taste fine. (Thank God I don't have a dog or anything that would shed hair in the back seat!) It actually did turn out just fine... it was delicious! So really, a good time was had by all.


Anonymous said...

Any chance you could post the recipe for this casserole? It looks and sounds great!

Nancy In CT said...

I don't know if there really IS any set recipe....I just sauted an onion, cooked up a couple of lbs of hamburg, drained grease, added a can of mexican corn or some frozen corn, a can or two of black beans, 2 cups of cooked brown rice, a can of diced tomtoes, a can of diced tomatoes and chilies, some chopped cilantro or parsley, half a seasoning packet of taco seasoning, heat through... add the shredded cheese (any variety) on top before serving. I cooked it in a dutch oven, but kept it warm in the crock pot. (It will probably change the next time I make it... I 'wing it' lots of my recipes. Those come out the best.