Friday, August 7, 2009

Renovations continue...inside

While some of the renovations in the house this year will be done by me, these won't be! Since I don't have the ladders/equipment, I'm paying to have this done! I wish I could have taken a before picture, but I'll describe it.... picture dark brown woodgrain contact paper. Over some textured wallpaper, ... yeah, I know. I thought that was all they had to contend with. WRONG!
This is the hallway going up to the bedrooms with the contact paper off and some of the wallpaper stripped.
Oh, WHAT'S THAT YOU SAY?? More wallpaper?? Oh yes. In fact, it's three layers of awful stuff and over a section of number 2 wallpaper, someone must have spackled something... THAT was a mess. My guys finally steamed it off and it's to this stage right now. They will prep the walls next week and paint them a soft gray.
This is the walls in our bedroom (the pitch of the cape ceiling) which had paneling on the walls up to the pitch and the pitch. I had them take off the paneling on the pitch and put up drywall so I can paint it.
This is the drywall on the pitch almost ready to be painted a soft green.
They also are stuffing the rafters in the ceiling of the cellar with insulation. (They haven't finished yet), and installed some 4' florescent lights--- the better to see you with, my dear!) Julie's is thrilled since she can see down there now! No more cave people!!

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