Friday, July 22, 2011

3 Days to go!

Wow.... I just had the two most fun days!

I went up to Janice and Steve's (my daughter's future in-laws) house to do some last minute things for the wedding. We did get quite a bit done!!

Wed: This is the table numbers that we put together on Wed (had to unwrap the frames, peel off four layers of celephane from clear windows in frame, assemble the stand pat, stamp two sets of numbers, trim brown insert paper -so writing wouldn't show through on other side-they are two-sided, assemble numbers to slide into frames. Whew!) That took a while.
Trimmed message boards for bathroom baskets and message table for bride and groom. Mounted those on navy folded cardstock. Stamped them with daisies.
Cut apart tags, trimmed cards, cut ribbons - 9", punched holes and threaded ribbons through . (These will be tied to whoopie pie bags).
Somewhere in here we had dinner and a snack...
Fell into bed at 10:30pm.

Leslie went up to Maine to get the Whoopie pies (Thank GOD I didn't cook them as I planned!!).
Janice and I got up, had breakfast and went to work on place cards. (God! Look at those thighs!! -- Wait, DON'T look at those thighs....I'll have to diet when I come home). These were pretty time consuming: Janice had to color the stamps-two different colors for each meal choice, pink-beef, orange-chicken, blue-vegetarian. There were 5 allergies, so we would eventually put a purple flower attached to these.
Janice was the flower attacher... two layered, and secured with a winged pin. I had the list of who ate what food, so I had to write the names of each person and their table number on the cards after they were dry.

Then we punched a little hole and Janice attached the flowers. We got a little nervous since we started to run out of the flowers (we figured out she attached the wrong sized flower to some- but we changed them). Problem solved! Then I had to double check, spelling of names (found one I had to add a letter to-easy), correct table number, and correct food colored-flower. Oh. And then alphabetized them (this I tried to do as I sent them to be flowered by Janice). We had such a great system and a grea time bonding. I just wished we lived closer and I was retired! We could get into so much trouble fun!)

After a full two days of artsy-craftsy stuff, we fell into their pool!!! Oh, did I forget to tell you we have had a severe HEAT WAVE in New England!!!! It's been 92-99 degrees everyday all week!

Sat, the day of rehearsal for the wedding, should be 92 and it should move to 80 degrees (Cold spell) on Sunday for the wedding. Yea! God was listening...

The rehearsal will be at 1pm tomorrow-Sat- (outside) followed by a rehearsal dinner at the hotel (air conditioning!). Leslie was saying that they are even having a wedding on Sat- so we must be out of there before they have to have the next wedding at 4pm. Then the hair and makeup moments for us girls (waterproof makeup) will be in their suite (Governors suite- two bedroom and sitting room) at the Sturbridge Host hotel, (MA).

It's getting exciting...
I won't be able to write much after tomorrow morning (no access to a computer), but I'll take notes and fill you in by Monday afternoon (I hope).

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