Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Quilting delayed by wedding plans

I do have a quilt in the works.... and it will get trimmed and 'bound'(?), but I'm not sure if I'll get to doing much about it until this weekend. Why, you ask? (And why isn't anything quilt related being posted in this blog lately???) Well, I'll tell you.

I have a wedding I'm attending. Soon. Actually, I'm more than attending. My daughter, Leslie-Anne is the bride! And the wedding is in less than two weeks! SO!... You can see my priorities are set for things other than quilting. I have the outfit (was to be a dress, but ended up being a top/jacket/long skirt), Just got the shoes (one for wedding, one for dancing if needed)... that was a trip and a half!... and I now have to look for earrings that I bought through Lia Sopia, but can't find them. A woman I work with loaned me a pair of diamond (probably zirconium), and I need to find a necklace for it (the top is scoop neck). I also would like to buy hubby a shirt/tie to match my top.Well, I'm thinking of how it will look in the photos.

I'm going up to MA (where the couple lives) to help with the favors (I'm buying them instead of making them--Whoopie pies), and writing out the place cards for her. I hope to go up on Wed and stay through til Thursday when Les has to pick up the pies, then I'll come home and get ready to go up to the hotel on Sat. The wedding is on Sunday, so we'll have a nice time Sat with the rehearsal and dinner (we'll have my mom with us in our hotel room), then have makeup done (I don't even have makeup on normally, so this should be interesting-it's even supposed to be waterproof, I suppose that's a good thing, since today was the humidist day I've been through in a long time.) Lee will be coming home after the wedding-- he has to be a work at 7am the next day) and I'm staying over with mom that night. I took the week before the wedding off and the day after the wedding off work, so I'm fine.

I'm getting excited!

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cityquilter said...

i agree about tuesday being humid, even here at the coast, and on the beach, it was so oppressive; we had to leave the beach it was just that hot