Friday, July 22, 2011

Blueberry Season... just starting!

What is better than going blueberry pickin'? Going pickin' with your momma!! Even at 83, she can still pick with the best of them...

This is how loaded the branches were, but it's early in the season, so they aren't as full of BLUEberries as last year.
They still want you to 'pick them clean'! I think I did!!

Even mom (aged 83) is picking her little heart out! She picked 4 lbs worth. Good for you, Mom!

This is mine which weighed in at almost 6 lbs....

I even got to eat a few (JUST taste testing!!)

As we left, I turned to take a photo of the area we were picking from. Most everyone was WAY down in the back by the orange balloon. We walked down to the shade of the trees on the left and then walked halfway across to the right of the photo. Seemed a long way back with LOTS of blueberries!!

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