Friday, July 29, 2011

Rehearsal moments...

I'm back and pretty much settled into the normal routine now, so I can post something about the wedding and what I'll be looking forward to doing now that it's over. before the rehearsal day...
Notice the temperature the day before 'rehearsal day'. We were dealing with 90 degrees and above temps for the whole week before the wedding. (So glad I opted out of making whoopies pies and had her order them. I was GLAD you give the check for those to be made in someone else's kitchen!!)

We had rain in the morning in CT (sprinkles), but I heard my daughter and her in-laws to be had torrential downpours and thunder and lightning where they live, 1 1/2 hrs away! By 1pm, we were all up at the Zukas Hilltop Barn (with the exception of Scott's parents-that story is coming...-) and the weather turned out fine. Most all of us were trying to help get things inside (centerpieces, placecards, tables numbers, etc. including the whoopie pies) for the staff to set up the next day.
This was me before we left our house...
Okay, since I mentioned the whoopie pies, let's just say, whoever was in charge of making sure they were in the car (they had an hour drive to where we were), thought they'd snagged the box of them, when they should have snagged THREE boxes of them. (The other two were in Leslie's trunk, 45 mins back at their house!). Scott's parents made it back to the house to get them, but in the process, missed the whole rehearsal. They were NOT happy campers!! And I don't blame them. If there wasn't another wedding soon to be happening (at 4pm), we may have been able to stall off until they got there (at 1:45pm).
The other thing that (I thought) was funny, was that my mom wondered why she hadn't been introduced to 'this gentleman' in the parking lot, as we're all standing around waiting to be told where to proceed to. I thought she was joking and didn't really respond, then she repeated herself. I told her, "That's Richard, you know him..(it was my ex-husband)". "No I don't" then proceeded to introduce herself... "Mom! That's Richard!... Dick, Dick Roach (?)" .... "Oh MY!, Richard I'm so sorry I didn't recognize you."  Granted he does look much older than when she'd seen him last, but mom... (he IS 67).
Here are some photos of the place we were at (not our table settings)
At the other end of the tent, is the walkway to the gazebo where the ceremony was held.
This WAS our ceremony... pink and orange balls.
We headed off to the hotel and had some time to check in and relax before the rehearsal dinner. Steve (groom's dad) chose this dinner and it was delicious.

 This was the line for dessert (the BEST blueberry pie I've ever eaten!!)
Here is my mom (in the wild jacket), far right is maid of honor, Kim R, Greg (groomsman), Jenn and her girlfriend.
Here are almost all of the parents of the bride and groom; L-to-R, Janice (Scott's mom), me, Lee (Leslie's step-dad), and Steve (Scott's dad).

Here is more of the family... L to R; Dick (Leslie's dad), Muriel (Leslie's gram/my mom), Scott (groom) and Leslie (bride).
Greg, Jamie, Ethan, & Ashley
Bridal party, Emily (bridesmaid) and husband, Mike and Billy (both groomsmen).

Jenn and Kim

Check out the pies!!!
Here is the bride and groom to be...

After dinner, the kids thanked the parents (very nice) and presented gifts to the wedding party.
Leslie and Ashley (bridesmaid)

Leslie looked so lovely....
The guys gifts....

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