Saturday, July 2, 2011

Holiday weekend

Well, the holiday started off early for me. I took Friday off to start it, but I had plenty to do....
1. Ran off an application for my sister (sign welcoming her son Dan home from deployment-7 months at sea--was actually on the ship that dumped Osama BinLaden's body into the ocean from ), then had her stop by to fill it out and I emailed it back to Town of Columbia for her.
2. Got a visit from my mom.
3. Had to go shopping for my wedding shoes (daughter's). Not sure they are comfortable enough, but unless I find something better, they will have to do. (Couldn't get a wide, so bought a size 9.5 b width)
4. Had to buy bug spray - deet-free
5. Had to babysit DGS- did so at SW Library.
6. grabbed a quick bite to eat before
7. Mammogram- finally got health insurance!!
8. Shopped for some summer things at Savers (consignment shop)-- bought 3 pairs pants/shorts, 2 tops for $12
9. Came home and worked on computer for a while
10. Weeded some of patio area
11. Ate dinner (salad) with hubby and took a long walk with hubby.
12. Spent the rest of the evening trying to get little one (Kai) to bed...Something makes hime wound up at bedtime. He is AWFUL to get to sleep. Even pulled out the queen sleeper couch and made it up, only to have him crawl off (after tossing and turning) and say he was going to HIS bed.

13. Put him down and finally fell into my own bed at 11:45pm!

OH!!! AND to top it off, my AC in my car was sounding funny when I put the blower on high(er)... My hubby  (my hero!) pulled a dead mouse out of it this morning (Sat)... YUCK!

 This was the blower fan that the poor mouse was trapped in!

All that was just in one day! Are you as exhausted reading this as I am living it??

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