Monday, July 18, 2011

Countdown is on....1 week

Since I won't have access to my computer some days, I'll have to fill you in on those 'missed' days of posting.  There are 7 days left before Leslie's wedding day. Seven!

I have a busy day appt for the cats (missed last years, due to finances). Then clean up and have MY physical. I really need to organize what I'm bringing to MA for the wedding. It's supposed to be a scorcher for every single day between now and the wedding! Over 90 degrees, EVERY DAY!! So much for my worry about it having torrential downpours and high winds. (It's an outside wedding and reception under a tent).

Just IM'd Leslie last night, and she wanted to know if I could make an adjustment in her maid of honor's dress (shorten the halter straps). Yikes! That just put pressure on me, that I wasn't expecting. I really want to see what I'm in for, not through photos over the internet, but unless I go up there, I have to commit or not. Maybe I'll take a run up, maybe not. Too much crazy running. Let's see what I get done...
Then I can get into quilting again. (yea!)

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