Monday, July 4, 2011

New Spot for next year!

We have been going to see fireworks at the same place in our town every year. It's a band shell where they have music/bands/food/BBQ/horse rides/etc...and LOTS, and LOTS of people!!!! Frisbee playing, football throwing, kids running, people drinking (even though you know they aren't allowed alcohol on the grounds), young kids being sassy, but also having good clean fun. Just LOTS AND LOTS of people!!!! (However, notice no people here? This was our spot! hehehe)
Well, we realized that if we didn't go all the way to the center of campus where all the action is, we enjoyed the evening better and had the BEST VIEW of the fireworks!!!! The BEST!. No obstruction with trees, or other people. Nothing but beautiful fireworks over our heads!! This photo was of (we think) wind tracers... Certainly not UFOs! They sent up three at a time... twice. they look like lines here, but they were more like moving headlights.

Some fireworks looked just like they should! You know, the explosions and the spray of lights... beautiful!


This looks like the overhead high tension wires are on fire!!!

Armageddon!! If you notice the cars along the driveway, there are many more people on the other side of the cars, but we stayed to the 'light' side. Good decision! This photo made me realize that I shouldn't take the photo RIGHT when I hear the 'BANG!"...but wait a second or two. Wait too long and you miss the initial effect (that happened a few times)!

Some had amazing designs that I actually caught on my camera! (I only took about 6 tries to get this one pattern! Digital cameras that aren't the million $$ ones, have a delay time between when you push the button and when it captures the image :-(  )

Then there are the flowers.... beautiful!

There were some that made me think of Nova... celestrial photos. (NASA, eat your heart out. LOL)

  The only downfall we had that night, was that we carried WAAYYY too much to walk the distance. I'm gonna track the distance and report back later.

What did we carry, you ask?

Two director chairs, one canvas table-similar to the director chairs, one collapsible cooler (two bottles of water, huge bag of grapes, bag of cherries, three peaches, three apples, three quart-sized bags of ice cubes-- and NO, I didn't pack this, but I carried this), one backpack (two citronella candles-in thick glasses, bug spray, long-tipped lighter, two paperbacks, camera, cell phone, half bag of popped corn, two granola bars (guess who didn't get to carry this one--yeah, me). I swear I'm gonna repack them and weigh them. They were frickin' heavy!!! We each carried the chair, but I got the table and the cooler. He got the other chair and the backpack (he did rescue the table from me--I guess I whined enough...LOL). Still too much to bring.
I wouldn't take my jacket, because it was one more thing to carry-wasn't warm enough to wear there.

I wonder why my hubby looked incredulously at me when I wished we'd brought cheese and crackers!

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