Monday, July 6, 2009

First real day of time off

I decided to take the week after July 4th off. We aren't going anywhere, but I figure I can work on my book and get some things done! I have two quilting projects, along with getting the Peace by Piece quilters Summer bash organized, " A Day at the Orphanage" to work on. It's also my daughter's birthday today. Happy 23rd, Julie!! I'm baking a cake (haven't done that in forever)!I was cleaning up after the baking and saw a woodchuck come through the yard, up to about 10 feet from the window. Snapped a few pictures.

Good thing I don't have anything of value in my garden yet. Oh... is it too late to plant? Annuals. I could put annuals still.

I was hoping to hear from an author I know regarding some questions I had about publishing companies, but she never called. I'll have to email them to her...

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