Friday, July 24, 2009

Quiet house?

Second night my dear hubby isn't home, ... daughter and grandson went downstairs to bed...(you KNOW, he's not gonna stay in the bed...LOL). There is so much to do... where to start!
I should check and see what's on tv and see if I can do any quilting by hand in front of it. (I'm such a news junkie, I'm afraid I lost track of time and didn't get to see the current "nightly news") ...Or do I go upstairs and set up the sewing machine and start marking the top of Amazing Grace for the machine quilting? Maybe I should just keep on sewing it by hand...
I definitely need to get a cup of tea (I heard green tea needs a splash of citrus for the benefits to pass beyond the intestines...). I have grapefruit which I haven't eaten since I've been on statins for my cholesterol-- I miss it! I know... I'll bring down my cutter and mat and cut some fabric for the Moose Goose quilt!! I also can adjust the label on the quilt going to Charlotte's Garden, Butterfly Sherbert.

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