Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hand-Quilting-- What a surprise!

WOW! I haven't done this in ages! And I must say I rather enjoyed it...of course, I did it outside in a chaise lounge, in the shade under a tree, watching the world go by. I even got a good protion of the quilt I'm doing worked on. I had wanted to do the quilting on my DSM, but that means I'm in limited space and feel like I'm fighting it. The only downfall, was my grandson (age 3) wanted to come out and 'play' and I kept getting up and down when he needed to be 'gotten out of trouble' (hey, Julie....! Come out and watch your son...). I may have the center panel all quilted by the end of the weekend.

Then I won't mind sewing the outer edges on the sewing machine.

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