Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hiccup in quilting process...

First of all, what am I doing watching a scary movie, just before bed, during a rainstorm(Yeah, and WHEN will it ever stop raining!!!!???) , when my husband has left to spend a few days in KY (pinewood derby race)??? NUTS!! And I can't NOT finish watching, as I'll have nightmares over the ending. And since he's gone, I really should empty out the house of 'stuff" ( a Peter Walsh thing), because we are having work done on the interior next week. I just wish my daughter and her son were occupied so I could REALLY have the house to myself and clear, clear, clear!

I guess I'm gonna have to clear out MY stuff and get Julie to do hers... It will be nice to have room in my closets.... oops, back to the movie.

Ok, I'm back ... commercial. Anyway, I will have to bring home a few boxes so Julie can pack up some things that will either go into the garage for a tag sale or store them at her dad's house (he has three bedrooms and lives alone- we have two bedrooms and have four persons here).

Plus Oprah, had an episode of 'what can you do without?"... and even though some of the things they were doing without were things like the tv, computer (God forbid!), excess groceries, clothes (not a problem in this house! LOL- since I hang on to everything!!), but it gave me some good thoughts about all the 'clutter' that can accumulate over the years. I think it will make us all feel better and live a better life. I also want to go back to eating at the kitchen /dining room table. Yikes! What a thought!! Usually, we're in front of the computer (Lee) or the news (me).... BTW, the movie is over, now I can sleep better.

I also , have to balance my checkbook (I'm not divulging how many statements need to be balanced...blush). And get rid of the piles of paper...mail, magazines, papers to read, etc. THAT'S part of the clutter.

I thankfully don't have to babysit this weekend, but it's hard to try and work on stuff I have to stick with when this cute adorable face is peeking into yours asking to "play, Grammaw"...

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