Thursday, July 30, 2009

I should be quilting, but the trees are falling!

I have three quilts to bring to a local quilt shop (LQS), but I have a tree service cutting two very large trees in my yard and I wanted to watch them... it's fun! I'll post some pictures of them here, but you can check out the rest of the photos. The trees we are having cut down are both in this photo. The one on the far left that branches off to four trunks, and the one farthest away near to the house.
The guys just ran off to buy a spring that broke (is thats not a good sign??)
This tree will just have some branches trimmed... onthe right, going into our neighbors chimney, and one on the lower left that actually points to my sewing room window (which I actually like, but I know that squirrels do too...highway to the roof!
And this red maple (below) has some branches that are wrapping around the electrical lines to the house and I know the electric co won't take them unless they are interferring with the wires on the street! So, off they go!
Well, they're back.... These are a different view of the trees to be taken down.
It was too fascinating to watch (and film) so I didn't get some things done... like the rest of the quilting done for a table runner going into the quilt show this weekend!!! And I was supposed to drop them off at the LQS by 7pm! AND I realized this at 6:10pm!!! I quickly called the LQS and made sure they needed them by 7pm, then hustled my butt up the stairs to finished machine quilting the last three stars! WOW! What timing.... I got there by 6:51pm. Well, the guys are here again tomorrow to finish taking down the stumps (albeit tall stumps). I took some great videos and if I figure out how to post the video I will.

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