Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fired my Publisher

Can you fire a publisher that you haven't signed contract with? If the contract isn't signed, is he even your publisher? Not sure.... they were so attentive and acted like they were trying to address my concerns as they were 'selling' me a particular package (discounted, but only until June 30th!!). Once I verbally agreed, and gave them the access of the first of three payments on my cc, they sent me the contract (I haven't signed it yet and NOW don't intend to). Since it took a few days to sit down and browse the details, I realized they HADN'T yet addressed all my concerns. When trying to contact my submission consultant AND the woman in sales and marketing (that called me almost once a day if not every other day at work to 'sell' me), and even emailing them with my concerns, they 'scattered like mice'! They sure had every number that they could reach me at!!
After two weeks of leaving messages and getting nowhere, I finally was given the name of Clem B (book cancellations) and after going through all the 'mishaps', he said he would put the 'request' through for my credit and it should be through in two days. that was for this past Friday. Will see if it shows up on my cc. My cc company already is aware of a 'dispute' on that transaction and they have credited it to my account and taken off the finance charges resulting from me NOT paying THIS amount.
As soon as it's rectified, I'm not ever using them in the future (obviously!), but will check out either, or another publisher altogether! (It has been recitified as of July 28th)