Friday, July 3, 2009

Back in the Saddle again....

It's almost the weekend (and holiday too), and I'm so ready for a week off of work! I have been sewing again. And that's hard to do, since I've been babysitting on my time off (I had today off for July 4th). I'll be babysitting again tomorrow, but I hope Kai sleeps late so I can sew some more. I'm trying to finish the back of a quilt (being resourceful and 'green'), since I actually got the top done between last night and this morning.
It's appropriately called "Amazing Grace" and it being made for a special friend who's had some rough patches lately. It's been in the works for the last year or so, but circumstances are leading me to finish it quickly. Here are some back auditions...
The blocks in the back are made with the same fabric as the front, but blocks are 'crazy and skewed'. I made them to represent the timeline in his life (as I've known it)... He's had a few ups and downs when things were chaotic, yet had some fun (mid-life crisis) on his Harley... It should be meaningful to him.
Also, went to my nephew's graduation from high school... Congrats, Dan.
The graduate... will be going into the Navy in Nov.
My two brothers and my mom...
Kai thinking he's a big-wig on Uncle Tom's tractor (notice it didn't get out of the garage!??)
Oh, and THIS IS MY FEAR!! (I zoomed for this!) Wouldn't want to mess with the hornets when they come out!!

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