Sunday, July 26, 2009

Poor Lee

My husband called and is so disgruntled! He went on an extended weekend trip to KY for the pinewood derby race. On the way back from there (via a stop in Cinncinati, OH), the van they were driving in broke down! Myabe it was the bumper to bumper traffic, but it was acting funny and they had to pull off the highway and let it sit. They had another 8 hrs to drive home.
The guy who he went with, borrowed his mom's van ( and had no $$ to fix it, no AAA card...etc). Not good. See, I should have gone with him. I bring great luck! then he called me a few hours or so later and said they were on the road again. I knew before they broke down, they'd be coming in at about 1am.
Now, who knows.... Well, I have work in the morning, he doen't, so I don't think I'll wait up for him.

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